Intimidating face

is when all of the pentagons are subdivided into 10 wedges (similar to pie slices) as well as all of the hexagons created in the marking are subdivided into 12 wedges, each cross-hatched with a set of 6 smaller triangles inside.A perfect hexagon is shown outlined in red in the diagram to the left.An incomplete marking has a combination of complete (all of the pentagons) and incomplete centers (hexagons).Note that perfect/complete and imperfect/incomplete are not the same as geometric "regular" and "irregular", as they are used to describe geometric shapes.

One does need to have a solid working ability with 10-combination divisions, since this is the base standard division used.It gives practice not only in visualizing the process, but also tunes the technique of placing the extra lines.When those are complete, it will also create a set of reference mari to help see design possibilities, etc.Keep marker pins in the original 10 poles created by the 10 combination division, in order to stay oriented for both marking and working a design on the mari.Tacking centers of the faces as the are done can be a help.

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