Incorrect data to updating cjde 306

Updates: Fixed reset of MAC ID numbers in Kadet models. Added update to "Using the Data Logger" section of user manual.

Build 502.000 (08/13/12) Updates: Added support for Kadet 2 models.

Added improvements to MIF import in Micro Mod driver. Added new property of "Read Anyway" to program area.

Fixed adding 2nd Bristol Babcock BSAP device causing Modular Controller to reboot.

Fixed "This is not a genuine copy of Crimson 3" error. Fixed Class Selection under Animatics Smart Motor driver. Fixed Active Alarms failing with Data-Match-Event and Edge-Triggered Alarm tags. Fixed multi-state tags not importing properly when using Micro Mod driver. Fixed time server not responding to client requests.

incorrect data to updating cjde 306-61incorrect data to updating cjde 306-44incorrect data to updating cjde 306-75incorrect data to updating cjde 306-41

Added increased measurement range of K-type thermocouple in CSPID2 module (to 1350°C). Added Fallback IP for Siemens S7-300/400 TCP/IP driver. Fixed Adam 4000 series modules driver Kadet support. Fixed Applied Motion parse bug and increased register range. Fixed access of Micro Logix DF1 array elements greater than 254. Fixed Prof Error in range of 328-655° causing profile to enter auto hold in CSPID2 module. Fixed XCENET card locking up with heavy network traffic.

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