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You’re no stranger to the world of nursing—from the movies and TV shows to the news headlines about the nursing shortages.But now that you’re considering capitalizing on the career opportunity, you’re noticing that there are a lot of different types of nurses out there.We identified the top 25 types of nurses healthcare facilities are seeking, and that’s only a portion of your options.Get acquainted with these in-demand opportunities to get a feel for your potential career path.Number of job postings: 68,548* Education needed: BSN preferred Relevant certifications: CCRN certification These RNs work in the intensive care unit (ICU) of hospitals, providing complex care to those with very serious illnesses or injuries.ICU nurses, also referred to as critical care nurses, may work in specialty hospitals or with patients in a certain age bracket, such as children in the pediatric ICU.It’s helpful to have a good understanding of the types of nursing jobs out there before taking the next step on your career path.

This position would be good for someone who can handle high stress scenarios and find it rewarding to be a presence of calm amidst chaos.

Number of job postings: 122,956* Education needed: ADN or BSN Relevant certifications: None required A travel nurse works temporary jobs nationally and internationally, sometimes for weeks at a time and sometimes for a few years.

Travel nurses perform many of the same duties as a standard RN, often working for an agency that supplements staff to facilities in need.

This is an ideal position for someone looking to work outside of a traditional hospital setting, but still enjoys working with patients.

Number of job postings: 33,044* Education needed: BSN or MSN Relevant certifications: CCM certification Nurse case managers coordinate long-term care for patients in hopes of keeping them healthy and out of the hospital.

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