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He comes from a very sheltered background and is not very worldly.When he first started, the entire team took him under our wing to show him workplace norms and professional behavior.I really want to say “I appreciate your concern, but I’m really into my project and will take a break when I’m ready.” Is this unreasonable?Am I supposed to be like my coworkers and take personal calls all the time and just work my schedule and nothing more?But if your manager isn’t just enforcing the law, then you can certainly try explaining to her that you work better — and are happier — on a different schedule.You could say this to her: “I’ve noticed you’ve started scheduling breaks on my calendar.Shouldn’t it be the other way around with people be counseled for having crappy attendance and performance?

I again talked to him afterwards and he promised to only call me mom in private.

I asked him to call me by my name at all times and he said that I take such good care of him that he has a hard time calling me by my first name.

I don’t do anything above and beyond what I would do for any coworker that needs my help.

I don’t want to hurt his feelings or make it awkward, but truth be told I would love to choke him every time he does this. You’ve told him to stop and he’s continued to do it.

The time has passed for worrying about hurting his feelings or making it awkward.

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