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There’s an illustrated sign on the wall showing both a blowjob and a hand job.You can just point to the one you want, or better still, just hand over the correct amount of money.If you don’t opt in for the jugs, you will have to keep your hands at your side at all times.In no case can you touch the girl below her waist, no matter what you paid.If you’re a cheapskate or low on dough, you can refuse all extra services and just wank yourself off during the show. You don’t really need to speak any Japanese at all here. Any Japanese you are able to speak is sure to help you out though, especially when interacting with your girl of choice. Your booth will be appointed with a one-way mirror, a box of tissues, and a garbage can. Through the mirror you’ll see the small “stage” and a television at the far end playing Japanese porn. There are around a dozen different girls at any given time, though only two per shift, with two shifts per day.They are most very light skinned, thin, but often just curvy enough, in their low to mid 20’s.

I have seen a SERIOUS puddle on the floor dripping out a natural ladies pussy.

Your girl will come around with a bottle of high quality Japanese gel lubricant and work you expertly until you squirt your load all over her waiting hands.

They are so sexy and erotic and so good with their hands that even the most jaded guy can fire off a batch here without a problem.

After this, the girls will come around to the booth’s that picked them and give the services paid for.

Unless you’re a real blowjob aficionado, I highly recommend the hand job.

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