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Participants most commonly indicated that enhancement reasons motivated peers’ hookup behaviors (69.7%).Furthermore, women who had hooked up since matriculating into college (61.5%, College entrance marks a unique developmental stage of autonomy and self-exploration for adolescents and young adults.Alongside same-age peers and with limited parental oversight, students explore social and sexual identities in newfound collegiate contexts.Stemming from the well-established casual sex literature, increasing research attention has been drawn to hooking up as the normative sexual behavior on college campuses (see Garcia et al., 2012; Stinson, 2010).

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Studies demonstrate that students overestimate how often their peers hook up, as well as peers’ comfort levels and enjoyment related to hooking up (Bogle, 2008; Lambert et al., 2003; Reiber & Garcia, 2010).In young-adult populations since the 1990s, rates of penetrative sex have decreased (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006), just as rates of other sexual activities have increased (e.g., oral sex, hooking up; see Heldman & Wade, 2010).Research has shown that, overall sexual behaviors and related consequences increase among women during the first year of college (Orchowski & Barnett, 2011; Patrick & Lee, 2010; Patrick, Maggs, & Abar, 2007).Despite these potential benefits, however, women tend to report less positive and more negative hookup-related outcomes than do men.Compared with their male peers, college women also report lower levels of sexual gratification (Armstrong, England, & Fogarty, 2009) and higher levels of unwanted sex (Kahn, Fricker, Hoffman, Lambert, & Tripp, 2000; Paul & Hayes, 2002; Regan & Dreyer, 1999) associated with hooking up.

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