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If your income exceeds set limits, you can usually qualify for reduced financial aid.Additionally, if you earn an income well over the federal poverty level, but a medical disaster creates bills that exceed a certain percentage of your income, then the financial aid department will usually offer aid to cover some of your bills.I know I'm going on and on about all this, I just want to know what I should do. You might want to call your local reps office to see if you have the same in your state.Should I still try to take my abuser to civil court over my ER debt? As far as insurance companies go, you should never buy a policy where your deductible is over 00 unless you need yearly extensive care.If your medical bills exceed your income by 30%, most financial aid departments will pay for the portion of your bills over 30%.The catch with receiving aid from a hospital’s financial aid department is that you have to exhaust all other available resources.

He does make good money for our town, but it's only good for basic needs, not 2 households of bills, food and pets. DNK In Alabama we have a general fund set up by the state to cover the costs of medical treatment to resident crime victims.

If you still have medical bills after exhausting other resources, then the hospital’s financial aid department will consider your application. The easiest way to find out if your hospital has a financial aid department is to ask. Carl Zetterlund :) Rather than playing the for-profit insurance game, we need a single-payer system similar to Medicare.

The financial aid department will want to know whether you have money in savings, checking, a certificate of deposit (CD), Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), trust funds, or equity in real estate that is not your primary residence. It may take some time to fill out the paperwork and gather all of your supporting documentation, but a few hours of work could erase thousands of dollars of medical debt. Removing the for-profit insurance companies from the medical equation reduces medical costs by 1/3 and frees up doctors to practice medicine (without having to consult with clerks). I just had minor surgery totaling 00 and was told by the accounts payable person (who first checked to see if I was eligible for any financial aid) that if I pay in full within 30 days of being billed, if I specifically ask for a "prompt payment" discount I can get 10% off of my bill.

It has been 8 years for my parents, of bad debt due to not having medical insurance and having to wait for medicaid and disability.

During my dad's illness and death and my mom's stroke and recovery I missed the 6-12 month window on my own debt for any financial assistance. I have read where some employers won't hire you if you had bad credit, isn't that a messed up cycle that can't be broke.

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