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The University reserves the right to alter the program format and/or costs in case of conditions beyond its control.

If the program is canceled or a student withdraws, a refund of program costs may not be available in all cases.

Occasionally dates need to be changed or field trips modified.

Please refer to the academic information on the host university website for all courses available to study abroad students.After finding someone online, it is simply not OK to check whether he/she is on social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) but go the extra mile to Google and conduct image search of the new person.There is a lot of info you can find out about someone simply by spending the extra time to learn by researching before taking the next step.The Legon campus lies about 8 miles northeast of Accra, the capital city.Coursework is offered within the faculties of business, science, social science, agriculture, arts, engineering, and performing arts.

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