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The study was carried out by Saga and compared results of 1,000 over 50s respondents and 1,000 under 50s respondents, and found that over 50s described dating earlier in life as ‘awkward’, because they didn’t know what they wanted.However, with advancing years comes clarity in both what we want and who we are, two things which make dating that much easier, and that much more fun.Hold your head high, and move forward – there are plenty more lovely people to meet.” They’re an easy, fun, and safe way of meeting new people – dating sites are the perfect way to get yourself back out there.Try Woman and Home’s dating website, Woman and Home Plus One to meet people your age, websites like e Harmony, specialist countryside dating site Muddy Matches, or specialist 50 site, Fifty Dating.Researchers found that looking for love later in life when you’re more comfortable in your skin is far less stressful than courting when you’re in your twenties and thirties.

Getting started with online dating has never been easier than it is today, and it’s never been safer thanks to strict new rules in place to keep ne’er do wells out of the service.Really dress up, with a dress and heels if you want to – why not?” Lisa admits that it’s important to find your own passions again, saying that “Men love women who are really passionate and enthusiastic about something.” Caroline also agrees that it’s important to take time for before dating again, “It’s really important for a woman to know where she’s at, where she’s heading and the type of person she wants to meet to enjoy life with before she gets on the dating train – especially if she’s previously been married for decades.” “We encourage our clients be open to meeting a diverse mix of people and to throw away their supposed ‘list'”, Caroline says.Researchers found that almost a third of over 50s are dating again later in life, with 63% reporting that it’s better than it was later in life.The biggest change though comes from the over 50s now date, increasingly using online dating to meet new people.

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