Fun dating games for girls

People sometimes flirt to send a "let's keep things light for now" message.

Even people who really want a boyfriend or husband may not want just any old boyfriend or husband.

And even if I'm not talking about romance, she's right to think, "This is a guy who isn't going to be into a casual affair." Because I'm pretty clearly not into a casual anything.

Lots of people--even people who are aiming to settle down--don't want to get that serious, that fast, but it's pretty clear that's all I'll settle for.

By being super-serious right of the bat, you may be sending "I want you to be my girlfriend and maybe my wife" signals.

At worst, you're sending, "I want to lock you in my basement" vibes.

Games can be a really good way of accelerating that process.Some want a friend, some want a friend-with-benefits, some want a one-night-stand, some want a casual lover, some want a boyfriend or girlfriend...In the early stages, when people are first meeting each other, most don't to leap into anything super intimate and longterm.They may want to keep things light and playful until the two of you have time to know each other. But it's always deep and serious--rarely chitchat--because that's the sort of guy I am.I'm a pretty serious guy, and I very quickly launch into serious conversation. To a woman I meet at a bar or party, I know I come across as serious--as a serious person.

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