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Adult Casting Center is a forum that offers amateurs a chance to break into the world of porn acting.Here, amateur producers of porn movies list their upcoming jobs on the casting board and it is also where they will advertise for girls to come and audition for the part. Here, actors are categorized by Gender, Age, Country and State.Be sure to take some nice pictures with your digital cam or with a nice camera phone or any other suitable digital device. Don’t ever send old photos as that is a strict no-no.if you send old photographs and you turn out to be different than what you looked like in the photos, then the producer and you will both end up being very disappointed.If you are waiting for a porn casting call or if you want to take advantage of porn audition postings, then the following things need to be kept in mind.Before you audition for porn, you need to find out what sites are worth visiting and whom you should contact and also where you need to send your photographs.

Most likely, a producer who is interested in you will ask you for pictures – both fully clothed as well as in the nude.

Secondly, people have their own individual preferences regarding what is sexy and what turns them on.

A few producers may turn out to be finicky about things like being overweight and having a certain kind of background. It would be safe to say that most porn producers look for women and girls with good bodies and a nice face.

Although there is no “Adult Gigs” category, you can usually find these types of casting notices under “creative gigs”, “talent gigs” or ” tv/film/video/radio” categories.

Better yet, use craigslist search feature to find posts with words such as “adult actors”, “adult film”, “adult models”.

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