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In this path people can be killed, either by accident or design. Hard Murder Path: You demand Sir Ronald give you the Book, and argue over the book with Sir Roland and kill him by accident.

Soft Murder Path: You demand the Book but leave before killing Sir Ronald but then witness another killing him and will be considered the murderer.

The exact order of some events are not required, you can charm one person then another or do the second one first, but as noted there can be an optimal order to see all possible content in the game.

Note: For many puzzles you can ask Monique at the library for the answer.

Check the notes in your phone, it will remind you of things you have been asked to do.

The game has two themes that control the appearance of the game windows, black and white, and are set via the 'Themes' app in your phone. Black Theme - the background is uniformly back, except for some specific screens. The items shown can have icons shown for the actions you can select, or test labels.

These are semi independent, except some require the completion of others.

Seance - to try to summon the ghost of Kurndorf and learn his secrets.

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