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Frank Underwood, a power-hungry Democratic congressman from South Carolina and House majority whip, celebrates the election of President Garrett Walker, whose campaign he aided to get himself appointed Secretary of State.

However, Underwood learns that the President wants him to promote his agenda in Congress and will not honor their agreement.

After Frank begins his vice presidential duties, Claire becomes close with the First Lady and learns Walker's marriage is strained.

Meanwhile, Frank aims to drive a wedge between Walker and Tusk.

Underwood is introduced to Missouri billionaire Raymond Tusk, Walker's friend and advisor.

They both work with Remy Danton, a corporate lobbyist and former Underwood staffer, to secure funds for their operations and expand their influence.As a protective measure, Frank's aide Doug Stamper brings Rachel to a safe house while Frank lures Zoe to a Metro station and, unseen by witnesses or security cameras, pushes her in front of an oncoming train.Zoe's death compels Janine to abandon the investigation, but Lucas continues the search alone.As the House Judiciary Committee begins drafting articles of impeachment, both Walker and Frank offer Tusk a presidential pardon in exchange for implicating each other.Tusk sides with Walker at first, leaving Frank no other option than to regain the president's trust as a friend.

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