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To say it was a rural setting, would be an understatement.

His dad owned a ranch, 360 acres to be exact, which had been passed down through the generations for a hundred and fifty years.

Ric’s other nemesis was that he lacked self-confidence and was what most people considered ‘shy’.

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Suddenly the hallway on the other side of the glass became alive with passengers who had been disgorged from the Airbus and were clearing Customs. It seemed that surely the Airplane could not have possibly held that many passengers and Ric’s mother began to worry that her niece has somehow missed the plane. The flight attendant shook Ric's mother’s hand and told her what a pleasure it had been to fly with her niece from France and that she hoped everyone would enjoy the visit. The large muscles, honed from ranch work and athletics, did not escape her notice. and whispered in his ear; “Boy you have really grown . He didn’t know what made him do it or where he found the courage, but Ric whispered back in her ear “And looks who is talking about changing! While he was instantly smitten with Yvette’s beauty and charm . Ric’s eyes were glued to her mini-skirted ass as she sashayed up the stairs. I told her yes, and it looks like we’ll be getting a guest shortly. “No apparently her school in France has a different schedule than yours, she’s on semester break. During the 4 years they lived in the US, all he could conjure of his impression was that his cousin was annoying! Ric had asked his father to let him drive, but his dad had said no, as he felt Ric didn’t have enough experience to battle the freeways around DFW airport. In return Ric asked Yvette to teach him how to speak French. He didn’t really know why it bothered him so much to hear other guys talking about sex with Yvette. I don’t want you to get into any trouble because of me . Chapter 6 As difficult as it was for Ric to be around his beautiful cousin and not have lascivious thoughts about her, Yvette and he spent a lot of time talking – usually after dinner as they sat on the porch and watched the Texas sun setting. He was wrong, as he hadn’t yet heard all the story. I just wanted to give you a heads-up, dear.” “For how long . Yvette will be here a week from Saturday” his mother explained. Now he’d never be able to talk his parents into letting him go to South Padre Island for Spring Break . When Yvette was 11, she and her mother moved back to France . He sat in the back of his father’s Lincoln Continental Town Car as the miles unfolded outside the window. Looking at her Aunt, Yvette said “I have some luggage” and the four set off for the baggage carrousel. To that question, Yvette replied with a mischievous grin that she would be happy to ‘give Ric French lessons! When Ric put his foot down about the salacious talk regarding his cousin one of the guys had commented that perhaps Ric was ‘tapping her himself” and that was the reason he didn’t like it. One night after a Skype call with her mother Yvette sat on the porch and he could tell she was visibly upset. “My mom threw Stephan out and she and I got in a terrible fight . There were bigger and better things in life than working the ranch from sun up to sun down. At least now you understand why your dad think’s I’m a little French whore, Ric.” “He doesn’t think that” Ric lied. Besides his biggest interest these days was trying to figure out how to lose his virginity. “Ric, I overheard him saying that to your mom one night .

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