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These are read when the connector is initially created.

You implement the capabilities in IMAExtensible2Get Capabilities or IMAExtensible2Get Capabilities Ex.

In ideal situations, this flag would only stop multiple instances of this ECMA2 connector, but it blocks all other ECMA2 connectors from starting.

The most common setting is going to be: Read anchors and DNs for more information on the background of the concepts discussed in this section.

The latter is a later version and added to support more options without breaking backward compatibility with older ECMA2 implementations.

It receives configuration parameters so it can take input from the administrator.

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The generic style implies only one partition (named "default") and no hierarchy.

This allows it to use partitions (each object type is a partition).

As an example, this is how you might define this setting: This Boolean is used together with Distinguished Name Style when the latter is set to LDAP.

These interfaces are called when the connector is initially created.

It should be assumed that the capabilities cannot be changed after the connector has been created, even though some actually would work.

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