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For in the greatest haste in the worlde she got her into her chamber, where locking the dore after her, it availed me not to call and crie unto her, requesting her with amorous and sweete words to open me the dore, and to take such satisfaction on me as it pleased her : nor to tell her many other things, whereby I declared unto her the small reason she had to be so angrie with me, and to shut me out. And with this she suddenly flang out of my sight with so many teares, that mine were not of force to stale her. O that time might revenge me of thy proude and foo Hsh minde, since love hath not beene the meanes to do it. I did not beleeve till now that thou didst crave favours of me for thy master, but onely for thy selfe, and to enjoy my sight all that time, that thou diddest spende in suing to me INTROD.] THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VEEONA. But now I see thou dost aske them in earnest, and that thou art so content to see me use him well, that thou canst not (without doubt) love me at all, 0 how ill dost thou acquite the love I beare thee, and that which, for thy sake, I do nowe forsake ? Yong's translation of Montemayor, although not printed before 1598, having been composed many years previously, 22 THE TWO GENTLEMEN OE VEEONA. there is not tlic least improbability in the supposition that a nianiiseript copy, cither of this or of some other translation, had fallen in Shakespeare's way. VLD WEIR, Esa., Jun., 22, Bbaufoy Terrace, Edsware Road. Which (faire nymphes) beleeve me, I account (next after his life in whom I have put all my hope) the greatest content that might have fallen unto me. More tlien two monethes togither did Celia hide from me the fervent love she bare me, although not in such sort, but that by 20 THE TWO GENTLEMEN OE VERONA. cert nine apjiarant sij^ncs I came to the knowlcdg-c thereof, whicli was no small light iuii- and case of tliat grie Cc, which incessantly haunted my wearied spirites ; for as I thoug'ht it a strong- occasion, and the onely meane to make her utterly forget Don Eelix, so likewise I imagined, that, perhaps, it might befall to him as it hath done to many, that the force of ingratitude, and contempt of his love, might have utterly abolished such tlioughtes out of his hart. And so did I passe away my life with so many torments of minde, that if by the sight of my Don Eelix they had not beene tempered, it coulde not have otherwise beene but that I must needes have lost it.

Eor I cannot thinke that Eortune will be so contrarie unto me, but that she will punish thee for contemning that great good which she meant to bestow on thee. What i (grones ; To be m loue; where fcornc is bought with Coy lookf, with hart- fo re fighcs : one fading moments With twenty watchful I,weary,tedioui nights; (mirth, If hap'ly won,perhaps a haplcffe gainc ; If loft, why then a gricuous labour won ,• How euer ; but a folly bought with wit, Or elfe a witjbyfolly vanquif K^d. JOHN DURDIN, Esa., 6, Hevrietta Street, Covent Gxrden. Haplesse is that beauty, said I, that hath sorrow and anger the preservers and mistresses of it, but I cannot skill of these impertinent things : And yet that woman, that must needes be molested with continua U paine and trouble, with greefe and care of minde and with other passions to make her looke well, cannot be reckoned among the number of faire women, and for mine owne part I do not account her so. 29 I leave myself, my friends, and all for love.^^ Thou, Julia, thou hast metamorphos'd me, — Made me neglect my studies, lose my time. Some thought her to be very faire; but I was never of that opinion, bicause she hath many daies since wanted the chiefest thing that is requisite for it. Thou hast the greatest reason in the world, said she, but I have scene some ladies whose lively hewe sadnes hath not one whit abated, and others whose beautie anger hath encreased, which is a strange thing me thinkes. There is not any thing, saide Celia, whereunto thy wit cannot attaine, but because thou shalt not spende thy time so ill in praising me, as thy master doth in praying me, I wi U reade thy letter, and te U thee what thou shalt say unto him from me. Thou speakest so wisely in all thy answeres, saide Celia, that there is not any that woulde not take great delight to heare them : — which are not viands (said I) for such a daintie taste, nor reasons for so ingenious and fine a conceit (faire lady), as you have, but boldly affirming, that by the same I meane no harme at a U.

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