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We had a strong sexual connection but not much else in common, so the relationship didn’t last. And the woman he’s going out with is a friend of a friend.

Should I tell her about my relationship with her new boyfriend? (It’s one of my worst qualities.) Still, they give me the illusion — albeit false — that there is order in our chaotic world; so I cling to them.

And we don’t want to look as if we’re hinting for gifts.

We just don’t want people to be surprised when his new wife turns up.

It cost the bride’s family and ours a ridiculous amount of money. His second wedding is going to be very small (immediate family only).Abandon the notion that you are somehow “saving” the woman he is now seeing by telling her about your relationship. To me, speaking up would smack of vindictiveness masquerading as white knighthood. Still, I get your disappointment about the relationship not working out.But on the plus side: It points to your desire for a deeper connection, which is the first step on the road to having one. Right appears, I suggest an old-fashioned remedy: the breakup film.That doesn’t excuse her invasion of your privacy, but it does explain it in more sympathetic terms.My 32-year-old son is about to marry for the second time.

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