Espn nfl gamecast not updating

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Cancellations of the current subscription take effect at the conclusion of the current subscription period.

Even notifications come in about 30 minutes after other sports apps have sent them to me. I can select something I want to watch but when I click “watch”. It is signed in with my ESPN sign on info, just like my phone yet they seem to be operating independently of each other. It doesn’t always work well, quits if I get a call while streaming and often gives me a hard time just getting something to start playing. I don’t want to sit in my living room and watch ESPN on my phone with my 65” tv dormant in front of me.

(DISCLAIMER: the issues are absolutely not my phone. From what I can tell, not many people have reviewed the app since the update that killed it. I have all my Apple devices signed in to the same Apple ID. The TVOS app must have signed itself out recently because I opened it last night to watch a 30for30 and I had to “subscribe” all over again. I haven’t found much to complain about in the i OS version and I end up having to use Air Play to stream content from my phone to Apple TV instead of just being able to play it directly through the TVOS version and that’s a drag. I hope you all figure out what’s going on with the TVOS versions and fix it soon.

Maybe anyone had the same problem, and does know how to solve it?

Keep an eye out for more Real Time applications coming soon. For the Flash version, you need Flash 7.0.19 or better.

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