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A Persuasive Visitor by Cecilia Gray Thanksgiving with your crazy family is hard enough without your rich and sexy ex-boyfriend, whom you were dumb enough to dump, showing up for the weekend.The only way it could be any worse would be if he started paying attention to another girl...But when Mary Jo Crawford waltzes onto the scene, changing everything, Melanie must decide what is really worth fighting for.

Especially smart, cute, worldly guys like Henry Taylor.

But her plans for quality time with her family are destroyed when she discovers an ex-boyfriend (that she terribly regrets breaking up with) is invited to her sister’s house for dinner!

- What I Loved: That Anne was at a crossroads similar to the one she experienced when dating Patrick before medical school.

A few great "curveballs" at least a couple of the stories.

And as a card carrying member of Team Marianne, I was so very happy with the S&S story! I am so grateful that there is a Holidays with Jane anthology that celebrates Thanksgiving! There are six short stories in this anthology (one for each Jane Austen novel) and each story takes place in present-day.

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