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Despite some well publicised problems with alcohol which interrupted his career, he fought back with help from Bob Monkhouse and was heard on five series of the comedian's TV show Wipeout.At New Year 2004 he presented programmes for BBC Radio Norfolk and Saga Radio and in April he joined in the fun on Pirate BBC Essex.He had a presentation style frequently compared to a young Alan Freeman although John wrote in a Radio London column in Disc magazine that he could not see the similarity himself.

Lead singer with the group was one David Jones, later to find fame as David Bowie.

When Radio City was taken to court and closed down in February 1967, Tom joined Radio Caroline South where he stayed until August and the passing of the Marine Offences Act.

On Caroline his theme tune was Las Vegas Scene by Wes Dakus and the Rebels.

There are more pictures of Tom in Keith Hampshire's and Bill Price's photo albums, and some more recent ones, taken at Caroline's 40th birthday party, here. Apologies to Tom for adding on that extra year and thanks to Russ Ganderson for pointing out the error.) was an engineer and presenter on Radio Sutch and stayed on as the station became Radio City.

We asked if anyone could give us some information about Paul and the man himself got in touch.

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