Dns is not updating records

This is so important that I’ll say it one more time – EOP is NOT as effective if you have multiple MX records or mail doesn’t route to EOP first.It’s the first thing I ask support engineers to check when troubleshooting missed junk or false positives.When you install a DNS server in a client/server architecture, and especially when the DNS server is the domain controller itself, by default it is configured to allow the DNS client computers to register their IP addresses and host names with it, provided they are the members of the domain.

It also means that when mail fails over to another route, unexpected things can happen with junk filtering and spoof detection.Don’t mix and match a few of theirs with a few of ours, at least for a single domain.As for other DNS records, it ultimately depends on how the client behaves – but if you’re not sure, don’t assume that more DNS records are always better.Sometimes, you’ll setup a domain inside of a test Office 365 tenant, and then move it to a production tenant.Sometimes, a company merges or divests, and you must move a domain to a new tenant.

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