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Note: The above steps may cause the application to forget game install locations.

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Please Blizzard, you must understand my frustration.Just exited, and restarted my computer, and when I try to open D3 now, it's just stuck at updating tools 0%. Check the following link: And see if forwarding those ports helps.hello, like Risen Demon said, I started the launcher and then did ctrl alt delete to bring up the activity control window. Hello, Try removing this folder:[WINDOWS XP]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\Battle.net[WINDOWS VISTA/7]C:\Program Data\Blizzard Entertainment\Once here, right click on the Cache folder and select Rename. Temp to ensure that it is not recognised by the game the next time it launches.tried what the blue said. I went and deleted the folder, then it worked the next time I launched the game.Then I terminated the bllizzard launcher process from there, and when I started the launcher again the update began. Unfortunately, after todays patch or whatever I have the same problem again, but this time around it does not work.BLZBNTAGT000009D2 The Blizzard Agent detected that one or more system components do not meet system requirements. All went well, but after pressing play, it just got stuck on "launching" forever. I re-installed diablo after a failed patch last night, it downloaded okay but now when I tried to run it, am stuck with a screen saying 'updating blizzard launcher 0%'. It could be that your firewall doesn't allow the updater to download things.

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