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Metal is optimised to allow the CPU and GPU in the A8X chip to work together to deliver detailed graphics and complex visual effects. The battery, on the other hand, shrinks - both in physical size and capacity terms.

However, depending on what you do with it, we still found the i Pad Air 2's battery to last around 10 hours per charge - which is no discernible difference to before, and we've had no issues in our week of use. There's still no wireless charging, no NFC chip to pay in store or open your hotel room (when that service goes live in W Hotels in 2015), or waterproofing like the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet.

The new slimness certainly makes a difference too, given it's around 18.5 per cent slimmer than its 7.5mm predecessor.

That makes the i Pad Air 2 feel even more paper thin than before, and it's noticeable.

It's thinner and lighter than before, making it one of the slimmest tablets on the market.

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First up, the Air 2 now features a new anti-reflective screen that Apple claims reduces the glare from the screen by around 56 per cent compared to the previous model.That's handy if you are playing games, watching movies in bed with the bedside lamp still on, or reading - basically for all situations.The i Pad Air 2 debuts Apple's Touch ID to the i Pad line-up for the first time (alongside the i Pad mini 3).Sadly the i Pad Air 2 doesn't get the curved glass as found on the i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus. For original Air users looking to upgrade, the design isn't going to be enough to make you uncontrollably drop everything and upgrade after just a year.For owners of one of the first four generations of i Pad, the Air 2's size and shape will certainly appeal.

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