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(At a grand jury proceeding, a jury hears testimony and decides whether or not the prosecution has enough evidence to convict an accused, in which case the jury will vote to “indict” the accused based on the prosecution’s charges).

The law aims to promote communication and trust between husbands and wives.

However, this privilege only protects against the disclosure of marital confidences in testimony, not against cooperation with law enforcement officials by one spouse against the other or against one spouse turning over evidence against the other spouse.

Divorce, however, will terminate the privilege when it comes to future communications between the former husband and wife.

As a consequence of the report's findings, the UK Government has announced that transgender will be a protected category (along with sex & gender; race & ethnicity; physical or mental disability; religion & faith; age; and sexual orientation) for the new Equalities and Human Rights Commission that starts work in October 2007.

January 23, 2007--San Francisco, CA--Transgender Law Center seeks an Executive Director.“Physician-Patient Privilege”The doctrine that provides that a physician (and sometimes a dentist or nurse) is prevented from disclosing in judicial proceedings information from a patient seeking medical treatment.“Psychotherapist/Social Worker Client Privilege” Privilege for confidential information disclosed to psychotherapists or social workers by their clients“Spousal Immunity” The rule differs among the states and the federal government, but in general, it permits a married criminal defendant to prevent his spouse from testifying against him.“Confidential Marital Communications Privilege”Both husband and wife hold a privilege to refuse disclosure of a confidential communication made between the spouses while they remained husband and wife.

Either spouse has the right to refuse disclosure of the confidential marital communications, or to prevent another person from disclosing the communications.

Unlike the spousal immunity rule, divorce does not terminate the privilege retroactively – even if a husband and wife divorce, their confidential communications made during the course of the marriage will still enjoy protection from disclosure.

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Next, we will explore some other privileges for which most jurisdictions provide.

There are a large number of exceptions to the physician-patient privilege, rendering it rather weak in practice.

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