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The families are always generally so ecstatic and thrilled and OF COURSE they would love for their daughter to be engaged to a man they met a few weeks ago that they have barely know and have spent zero “real life/real world” time with. I just can’t get over how they are in this freezing cold location for these final episodes. I would be thinking/saying “Can we seriously stop being outside in the bitter cold? AND Nick is a jerk who doesn’t put a jacket on you before sending you outside to freeze your ass off and discuss your rejection. I’m with Jax : “Pretty sure her and Shay have to be in the same room to make a baby.” Cut to Raquel and James eating dinner at with her mom and sister (and her sister’s large breasts). All of your friends in the woods in cabins together?!? I think people (my friends at least) wouldn’t make it to the wedding because they would be so hungover by the time Saturday came around…. And can we stop riding horses and being with wildlife in the bitter cold? I am FREAKING out right now because Raquel has that crazy weird speech and mouth and her mom does THE SAME THING. Her mom says “Raquel’s dad is up there looking for grizzly BARSSS.” She says it just like Raquel with a wierd side mouth, and this is followed immediately by Raquel “I’m St ARWVING RIGHT NEAWHH.” Is this SNL “The Californians” on crack or what???!!! I have no idea how to type/explain this mouth thing for those of you not watching/not caring about trivial things like this. but I would LOVE to go to a wedding getaway weekend like this with all of your friends. 4) As each venue has indoor as well as outdoor options, this event will take place rain or shine.So, during those periods that we encounter rain, the fun still continues in each venue’s indoor facility.While Raven is confident and care free, Vanessa is can’t stop internally flipping out. Perhaps you should be saying “I know nothing about engagement rings, because I never have, and I couldn’t because I haven’t been employed in who knows how long.” Neil Lane : “Everyones rooting for you, every one loves you! editors note : except one year, back in like season 3 of The Bachelor, they tricked us and the FIRST girl was the one he picked and she stood in the mansion watching him reject the SECOND girl with a birds-eye-view. I think it was Jesse Palmer rejecting the Tara girl. I seriously am having so much Chicago FOMO as I am watching them pouring drinks in these cabins. He is just “like over everyone.” WHY do all of these people call their girlfriends “Dude”? And of course they show the clips of her in the Dubai suite before entering this suite. I want to say I can’t blame her, and she is being rational, but at this point I’m just sick of seeing the constant interrogations from Vanessa. I wish I remembered real life events from 15 years ago like I do this garbage….. I feel so bad for the final two because they sit there and pour their heart out and then he’s like “sorry, I didn’t pick you.” Raven talked first and layed it all out there, and Nick rejects her. Shay just called Scheana a dude, and Tom calls Arianna dude (but that one is less surprising). ” But then again, this is Vanessa’s idea of a perfect date and her meeting ‘Santa Clause’ seemed like the highlight of her life. Nick meets with Neil Lane : “I know nothing about engagement rings.” HA. The older we get the less we are able to have huge group weekends and destination weddings seem to be the only time.

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