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He, Zurab, did not know at all what would be there, and was extremely surprised.Immediately Alasania swore allegiance to Poroshenko and called Avakova bad words.The re-election of the Rada should channel the discontent of the electorate with the policies of the incumbent president and, as it were, delay his inevitable end. But he threw “front-line soldiers” too, making a bet on Poroshenko.

After the spanking of Alasania, an emergency meeting of the informal electoral headquarters of Poroshenko in the AP was held.The initiative “BPP” was cut, the election of the CEC members failed.Active participation in the parliamentary coup took part “front-line” Avakova-Yatsenyuk, who are in the official coalition with the presidential faction.This is the singer Slava Vakarchuk and ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko. To promote Vakarchuk attracted the son-in-law of former President Kuchma oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. By the way, an international adventurer simultaneously invests in Vakarchuk.Tymoshenko and Soros had excellent relations since the Orange Revolution, but then something went wrong.

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