Dating while separated houston boss dating employee

Generally, testimony must be given in person at the time of trial, or by pre-trial deposition.

This gives each side the opportunity to examine and cross-examine the witness. Contact me today if you are looking for a family law specialist as certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization who will provide you with experienced counsel and personal attention to your needs.

Going out to dinner with a friend, emailing an old college or high school friend, and speaking with a co-worker is not adultery. has offices in Dallas, Denton, Frisco, Plano, Lewisville, and Ft. The bottom line is wait until after the divorce is finalized. If you have other questions regarding this post, please drop me a line at [email protected], look at our web site at or call for a consultation at 972-353-4600. But, make a copy of the envelope if it looks suspicious or seems to involve financial, romantic or other evidentiary matter.Make a note of the date you mailed it to your spouse.

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