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Kischnick has denied the charges and in a handwritten statement, he called the incident a “misunderstanding.” The #Me Too movement has launched us into a national discussion about sexual harassment, especially harassment and assault committed by men in the workplace.Shervin Assari, an assistant professor of psychiatry and public health at the University of Michigan, believes we should also be talking about another aspect of sexual assault that happens at home, behind closed doors: forced sex in intimate relationships.Governor Rick Snyder will have to decide if convicted criminals should be required to listen to their victims in court.

SAPA can assist you with crisis intervention and provide helpful information on safety planning and resources.Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking would get more support under a package of five bills introduced in the state House.Supporters say the goal of the legislation is to fill gaps in state law that leave survivors without adequate protection.“For me, it’s a matter of putting victims first,” said bill sponsor Holly Hughes, R-Montague.“Putting humanity first is the principal of all this and making sure you do the right thing.” The torrent of death threats made an impression on the Washtenaw County jury because on Tuesday, that jury convicted Kevin Beverly of felonies for extorting and intimidating his ex-wife, Nicole.

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