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Back when I was extremely shy and bad at making eye contact, I really wished someone would just tell me EXACTLY how long to look someone in the eyes.

So here are some quick and fast rules: (Side note: I’ve noticed that girls talking to their girl friends usually make a lot more eye contact than guys talking to their guy friends.

But making really strong eye contact while you’re having a flirty conversation or on a date is usually really good. You know that feeling of nervousness, discomfort, awkwardness or even fear that comes up when you look someone in the eyes? Because it will be a new habit for you that you do automatically.

And what used to feel uncomfortable will now feel natural.

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If you’re ever unsure about what the “right” amount of eye contact is, then observe how much eye contact the other person is giving you and match that.)There are some situations where it’s okay to make a lot more eye contact than normal.

These are situations where you are talking to someone you like, someone you’re attracted to, someone you’re flirting with. Do you: The logical solution is to take the steps up one at a time.

That’s why it’s important to look people in the eyes the right amount of time, not too little and not too much.In fact, psychologist Arthur Aaron believed you can make anyone fall in love with you by asking them 36 personal questions and then looking them deeply in the eyes for 4 minutes. Then you need to probably lots more than you do now.So if you want to have real friendships and intimacy and not just shallow small talk, then you will have to start looking people in the eyes. However, you also don’t want to creep the other person out. Everyone has a different amount they like to have and it depends on the situation.If you continue to feel really nervous and awkward making eye contact even when you’ve tried practicing it, then the root of your problem may be deeper.Perhaps you have some beliefs of inferiority, low self esteem or self shame that cause you to avoid intimacy and hide from connections with other people.

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