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Wiener Silber Manufactur uses a special alloy that contains 94% by mass of silver (Sterling silver, by comparison, only contains 92.5% of silver).The high value of raw materials ensures that the product value will increase over the years.It has the early form with a long cannon handle and heavy bordered drip pan with a reeded edge. The drip pan has hand engraved initials underneath. 1706 Sold A rare pair of early English silver candlesticks. Each bears matching two crests and mottos (only traces), possibly marriage crests. By the turn of the century the silversmiths created objects for the intellectual elite that favored the simple lines of the Wiener Werkstatte.After the Second World War, the manufacturer became involved with avant-garde again and partnerships with luminary designers and architects lasted until it closed its doors in 1982.

Both pieces have English silver hallmarks for London 1707. 1709 SIMON PANTIN (died 1728) Price £8,950 A beautiful pair of rare early English silver candlesticks.

If they are in fact pure sterling silver - then weight them to get an idea of the silver melt value.

The weight of the silver has a direct impact on the value of the item.

Pawn shops or jewelry stores have the equipment to perform these tests usually.

Secondly you should determine if they are SOLID silver or “loaded” as most of the value is found in the silver content.

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