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Our impressions in Jaipur also completed a large part of the global colored stone picture.Gemfields’ auctions from its Kagem mine have had a profound effect on the city’s emerald industry.Companies that once served the maharajas coexist with manufacturers for online retail and television shopping networks.From traditional to fusion jewelry combining eras and styles, Jaipur has become a jewelry manufacturing center as well as a gemstone cutting center.This has greatly diversified Jaipur’s colored stone cutting industry and expanded its scale of operations, with one factory cutting a million stones a month (N. Many of these jewelry pieces are destined for television retailers and contain a variety of colored stones.In fact, one company was vertically integrated all the way to the end consumer, with its own television retail division reaching 100 million households, requiring approximately one million pieces of jewelry to be manufactured each month.Indeed, we were surprised by the extent to which Zambia had overtaken Brazil as a supplier of emerald rough.

The most widely spoken language is Hindi, but there are 14 other official languages and more than 1,000 languages spoken in the country.

With a population of approximately 1.3 billion, India is the world’s largest democracy and the second most populous country, projected to overtake China in 2022 (Gladstone, 2015).

Although rich in history and tradition, India is a relatively new country.

Like previous reports on the gem and jewelry industries of China and Sri Lanka (Hsu et al., 2014; Lucas et al., 2014), the present article is largely based on these observations and interviews.

Members of the team who had visited Jaipur before came away with a different perspective of the industry there in some respects.

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