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Acceptance of the premise that nursing legal and ethical standards are emerging and evolving in the global community, forms the basis for this exploration of Malaysian nursing law and ethics.Recent changes in the provision of health care in Malaysia have contributed to the growing importance of nursing law and ethics.

13 In Malaysia, autonomy means a special form of personal liberty, wherein individuals are free to choose and implement their own decisions according to their own individual values and beliefs, free from deceit, duress, constraint, and coercion.

1 They are the main providers of health care, particularly in rural and remote areas.

The nursing workforce has now increased to around 60,000, or approximately 2.25 nurses per 1,000 population.

12 In Malaysia, the principles of nonmaleficence and beneficence are often discussed together and as with beneficence, the obligation is toward positive action in preventing and promoting good.

With nonmaleficence, the obligation is stated as negative terms.

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