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And he loves everything to do with the fire and police departments. She loves to get into things and tries to be independent.

Our middle child loves princesses and dressing up, but she also loves playing outside and getting dirty. She enjoys being creative too and will spend hours painting and coloring. She adores her siblings and is always trying to keep up with them and do the things they do.

It’s crazy how much the amount goes up or down just by crossing a city boundary. In fact, just after we started the build of our house, our builder opened another development in Lehi, a city that shares boundary lines with Saratoga Springs.

The development is only a few miles away from us, but the smallest house in that neighborhood was smaller than our house and going for ,000 more!

At the end of the day, though, she’s a mama’s girl and loves to be snuggled.

James is the Digital Marketing Manager of a small manufacturing company in Salt Lake City.

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I would like to go back to school when my kids are older, although I’m not sure what I would like to study. I love to read and am always open to recommendations of books to read.

To say our home is lively is a major understatement.

Our kids have big imaginations and endless stores of energy; in fact, I’m pretty sure they siphon mine!

He also built our dining table and I love it so much.

In the last few years, he’s gotten into pen making and woodturning.

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