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All of its guitars are built by various manufacturers around the world.Currently, Ibanez brand guitars are sourced from factories in China, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan (and possibly other countries I don't know about).This serial checker supports Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and Yamaha however not all serials will produce a result but it's a good place to start if you are trying to find out more info about your guitar. on Trustpilot Sign up to the Newsletter Follow us on Twitter @Yamaha Musicians Follow Us On Facebook Dowina Acoustic Guitars: Dowina Cabernet DC Dowina Chardonnay GAC DS - Dowina Rustica GAC.

Hoshino owns no manufacturing facilities beyond a small custom shop in California.

Let me get right to the point: If a guitar does not have a valid "Ibanez" logo on its headstock, then it's NOT an Ibanez guitar.

I'll explain the reasons behind this in a moment, but first, take a look at text from an ad run during the 1970s: That gets right to the point.

So anything you can tell me will be helpful in resolving this dilemma.thanks again for taking the time to read this letter.sincerely "[email protected]" : Ihave an Ibanez probably not of pro design...

I want to buy another body of the same,or repair the one that is damaged.would it be possible to I. if so here it is #F508379 If it is any help the guitar design is similar to that of the "fender strat" with the exception of a much sharper lower & upper horn. I know it's a long shot but I have been wanting to do this for what seems like "an eternity".

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