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The Sung Eum story will be revealed a bit do some home work , but I'm glad you find this info useful as I'm sure all at ICW will.The Artstar factory was the Tendura factory and I was hoping that Lt Commander Roadster was going to join the dots here..he is probably busy in the engine room fiddling with the warp drive Captain Ibanez "1984 to 1996 example serial number F232104 F=Fujigen 2=1992 as an example 3=March production So 1=Jan 12=Dec 2104 guitar built for that month 2104th made 1975 to 1983 Example serial number C800358 C=March So A=Jan M=Dec 80 = 1980 year of build 0358= 358th guitar built for that month. I didn't see any reference to a "P" factory prefix.

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Or does it work that F4 = '84 and F94 = '94. John, the 84 85 etc models etc where actually still the same system from prior to 1984, I strongly beleive that the newer serial number sytem did not take full effect until 1990 but that between you and me.Serial numbers Here are the answers to your Questions F7 Means 1987 in 1997 they added F 97 and the CE designation. So S was samick in 1990 to 1995, S is now Sejan, Y is actually yoojin Korean Factory this was made in Korea (RG140, RG240, RG340) They also made the first Korean acoustic's.P Peerless factory in Pusan Korea, Owned and controlled by IIDA Gakki in Japan they made the Nomad series and AE and other acoustics like the Charleston. I want to buy another body of the same,or repair the one that is damaged.would it be possible to I. if so here it is #8914490 If it is any help the guitar design is similar to that of the "fender strat" with the exception of a much sharper lower & upper horn. I know it's a long shot but I have been wanting to do this for what seems like "an eternity". So anything you can tell me will be helpful in resolving this dilemma.thanks again for taking the time to read this letter.sincerely "[email protected]" I've been searching for this info myself, all i've found so far is- In dating Ibanez guitars made before 1987 ..

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