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The NHS also has a database showing services near you – just type in your postcode and take your pick.

Most big hospitals run a walk-in service at their sexual health clinic, so you just show up on the day with no appointment necessary, and wait your turn.

‘There is still so much stigma out there that needs confronting, especially in the gay community,’ he said.It was great news because I know I am healthy and managing the condition.‘I’m part of National HIV Testing Week this year, because I want everyone to know that knowing your status is really important, and if you have HIV, being diagnosed early is much better,’ Chris said.Related | HIV People Live 10 Years Longer Than They Used To Among those who are most attacked are HIV-positive users who, when being responsible and disclosing their status, can be the brunt of reactions, from instant blocks to profanity-laden tirades.The HIV Foundation of Queensland is helping to shine a spotlight on the harmful stigma HIV-positive members of the LGBTQ community face from within, by asking other people to read real Grindr conversations between HIV-positive users and other people.

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