Dating from different countries

Check out my Thai Cupid Review You know that you want to date a Vietnamese girl?Check out my Vietnam Cupid Review You know that you want to date a Korean girl?I only changed a few words but the response rate was a bit higher. I’m glad that I sent 220 messages to girls from 11 countries. Cupid Media, the company that owns this dating site is based in Australia and has more than 16 years of experience.

Take an interest in their way of life, their worldview, their childhood, and your similarities and differences.

I’ll share everything with you.​I’ve been to five Asian countries (soon six) and no, I won’t tell you how many girls I dated. All I can say is that I’ve been to Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia and that was my safe haven during every single trip.

I mean, this international dating site has That’s why I joined right before my first trip to South East Asia in the year 2012…​Come on. You also don’t want to date overweight middle-aged women who only smile once a year when they can binge-watch a Sex and The City rerun.

And even though I can’t share all the 183 messages with you (it’s just too much), I will show you two messages from each country.

Some of the girls wanted to get to know me via Skype. And a couple of girls were just in the wrong place…Even though Cambodia is the most popular hunting ground on, the girls freak out (in a positive way) when you want to meet them.

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