Dating during divorce effects children

According to the divorce-stress-adaptation perspective, relationship quality may influence the relationship between maternal well-being and dating after divorce.

The current study examines the consequences of dating, relationship quality, and dating transitions (breaking up and dating new partners) on maternal well-being (negative affect and life satisfaction).

This can add an abundance of hostility to the process and make the divorce more difficult. If you have questions about dating during a divorce, contact our office and schedule a consultation.

One of the biggest problems with dating during a divorce is that the individual who is dating is not giving him or herself, or the children, time to heal from the divorce.

If you are dating during a divorce and spending marital money on your new love interest, you are putting yourself at risk.

Your spouse can use that against you when dealing with the division of marital property and assets.

Using monthly surveys completed by mothers over a two-year period after filing for divorce, we examined changes in intercepts and slopes of dating status and transitions for maternal well-being while also testing the effects of relationship quality.

Mothers entering high-quality relationships were likely to report boosts in well-being at relationship initiation compared to single mothers and mothers entering low-quality relationships.

Dating during a divorce is never a good idea, especially if there are children involved. C., we see many clients who are dealing with a divorce that has become extremely contested and argued simply because one spouse is dating.Mothers entering lower-quality relationships were likely to report lower levels of well-being than single mothers.Dating transitions were associated with increases in well-being.Parents do not always fully understand the emotional impact a divorce has on children.By not dating and staying focused on the children, the divorce can have less of an impact on everyone involved.

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