Dating delft tiles

We read the pattern marks and naturally take it for granted that what is printed there is accurate, but alas, that's not always the case." #10--April 2013: Surprising Spout Prints Author Dee Dee Dodd writes "Recently I was intrigued when working with several patterns, used on tea and coffee wares.More specifically, the intrigue had to do with the varying spout prints found on these pieces.#21 - October 2015: The “Uva” Mystery Author Leslie Bouterie writes "The talents of master detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple are often needed to decipher the mysteries of transferware patterns.

What hasn’t been shown in the database is the text that accompanies these prints, and in these days of political correctness, much of it is shocking".

The lab curator approached me with an urgent request, "Please help us to solve this 'murder'!

" The staff archaeologists had recently unearthed a group of transferware plate sherds found in the swept yard area between the Southeast and Southwest duplexes, which served as houses for enslaved domestic workers.

A systematic trawl of the current TCC database reveals 104 patterns that are directly related to death." (Lengthy article; please be patient for the download.) #11--September 2013: Don't Believe Everything You Read on that Plate Author Len Kling writes ""It's a painful thing to have to admit, because we all love our dishes and want to be able to trust them.

However, the plain truth is that for almost two centuries, some of them have been deceiving their owners.

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