Dating an alcoholic who is sober

You are not a trained substance-abuse counselor, and again, even if you are, your role should not be a counselor.

You just happen to love someone who is probably going to need professional treatment to get healthy again. No matter what your background happens to be, you need outside help.

That's the alcoholic's responsibility, not yours. Alcoholics usually go through a few stages before they are ready to make a change.

Until an alcoholic begins to quitting, any actions you take to "help" her quit will often be met with resistance.

When alcoholics promise they will never drink again, but a short time later they are back to drinking as much as always, it is easy for family members to take the broken promises and lies personally.

Do you find yourself suffering the consequences of a loved one's alcohol problem?

It can be hard to hear that you need to change yourself when a loved one is living with alcoholism. Unfortunately, you can only change yourself, and the only way you can interrupt and change the current course of your interactions with people with substance abuse disorders is to change your reactions.

You no longer need to continue doing some of the things you do in your dance with a person with an addiction.

Here are 10 things that you can stop doing that may help relieve the pressure.

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