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When I confronted him, instead of apologizing he exploded and began yelling at ME. Emotional psychopaths know they don’t have much going for them so they exert control over their victims in an effort to control the way they think.

After several days of unrelenting insistence that he wasn't cheating, I actually found myself questioning whether I'd made this all up in my head. Well, that’s your fault because you stress him out at home. Well, you made him so angry he got all heated up and caused a problem. It's obviously because you're such a horrible partner. (Because if you could think for yourself, you might realize how much better you deserve.) If they can pound into your head just how ugly/useless/pathetic/stupid you are, you'll start to believe it yourself and cling more tightly to him because you (incorrectly) think it's the best you can do.

There are lots of male psychopathic monsters from movies to illustrate this point.

Think Alex in A Clockwork Orange, or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Current thinking suggests psychopaths’ behaviour patterns result from variations in the structure of their brains at birth.

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Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterised by a number of abnormal behavioural traits and emotional responses.

My ex-husband was abusive: physically, sexually, and most of all, emotionally.

(Whoever came up with the expression “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me” obviously lacked any ability to harbor feelings.)In short: my ex was an emotional psychopath — a complete sociopath.

RELATED: 7 MAJOR Differences Between A Psychopath And A Sociopath5. they might actually have two wits about them and convince you to leave him.

If he’s putting in good effort to “fix” you, he can’t tolerate your friends ruining his hard work, not with their "bad" advice and misguided ways.

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