Dating a manic depressive person men dating more than one woman

The only thing not safe here is falling into the trap of taking on those stereotypes as your own beliefs and applying them to others with this illness.

Research has shown that people with bipolar disorder are no more dangerous than people without the illness, but the perception is that they are.

“There's no question that there are things that can be made easier by companionship.”Trying to find a companion, though, is hard enough without adding mental illness into the picture.“Oftentimes people will only ‘understand’ when you’re doing well, but once symptoms appear that they don’t necessarily like, they suddenly stop ‘understanding,’ ” she says.In Jamison’s practice, the question of when to let a potential partner know about your diagnosis definitely comes up.In fact, they are seen as having the same status as drug addicts and criminals.Individuals with bipolar are more likely to commit self harm as opposed to harming others.

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