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Her major-label album,, which followed in late 2009, was one of the best "Idol" debuts ever--a righteously rockin' record, from its fun and feisty lead single "Friday I'll Be Over U" to emotive power-rock ballads like "Scars," "Don't Waste The Pretty," and the title track.And then she took a much-needed break from music to regroup and get her groove back. Clearly the time out of the spotlight has done Allison a world of good.9 on Billboard's Hot Christian songs chart."If people can look at my life and say, 'What would have happened if I gave up at that point?' There would be no Sophia's Heart (Gokey's charity). There would be no hope for changing people's lives. "And I think if people could take that and apply it to themselves, they could see that it's not time to give up.

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Graham Brown."Gokey's deal means that for the first time, all four top contestants on one season of "American Idol" have signed with 19 Recordings.In Nashville the organization runs a 77,000-square-foot facility that provides in-need families with free transitional housing and counseling in a variety of areas ranging from financial management and education to family engagement and career assistance.Gokey said much of his and Peralta's courtship was spent working together on Sophia's Heart.There's other people's lives that need your story, so keep moving forward."Unexpected meeting He's not proud of it, but Gokey met Peralta on Twitter.About three years had passed since Gokey was widowed and he finally felt ready to start dating again.

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