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Society pushes singles to date and then cohabitate, if the couple doesn’t marry. The church is guilty of joining society’s bandwagon by making singles feel uncomfortable for not being in a relationship or being married in the church.

This can be seen by the church’s emphasis on the importance of marriage— to the point that it is an idol—and having church singles groups that are essentially places for Christian singles to find someone to date.

By making marriage an idol and demanding that all singles marry, the church has forgotten Paul’s message in the Scriptures about singleness that can be summarized as: “I wish that all were [single] as I myself am… The church should have a theology of singleness and welcome singles in the congregation.

The church has a long history of having a positive view of singleness, but singleness is now negatively viewed and portrayed by the church as an oddity of life. It is Biblical and a way to devote oneself to God without the distraction of an earthly husband or wife.

For Protestants who follow the tenet of Sola Scriptura, this is a problem.

Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.” There are those who have been single from birth.

James founded Secure Single in 2015 after he realized there was a void of information online to help single people.

He is passionate about the single life and the different forms that being single can take.

The first and most important problem confronting the church is that Millennials are not going to church.

The second problem is that singles now are the majority of the population.

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