Chance for love dating network

A few years ago in India, when every other youngster didn't have a smartphone, online romancing was largely limited to sending friend requests to people with cute DPs, or perhaps lurking in chatrooms, hoping that the soulmate you were chatting with wasn’t an arthritic grandparent.Then, of course, there were all the matrimonial websites, but let’s face it, these are the online equivalent of chai and samosa with .The app uses an algorithm consisting of 42 factors to match people.The CEO of Floh Siddharth Mangharam claims that unlike other services they have 55% females on their network.

The app’s big claim is that they believe in 100% verification and they assign a trust score to the user.But it’s not champagne and novelty underwear for everyone.A male user we spoke to said, "I installed it just for fun. I went on a couple of dates too but they were pretty boring". Many female users say that the men they connect with get abusive when they’re denied a date.Some users even go on and send them messages on Facebook.This can be the reason why almost 66% users on the app are male.

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