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“The special part of going with Mia is dealing with the women and kids in the camps,” said Hamilton.“Her body language—how quickly they opened up to her—you can sense when someone is interested on a human-to-human level.”Mia’s activism began in 2000, when UNICEF asked her to go to Nigeria and help publicize a polio-eradication project.At nine she had been a polio victim herself, and she described in detail the isolation and fear she felt then in her best-selling 1997 memoir, Her second African trip, with Ronan to Angola, Mia says, “was altogether different.” They met a man who told them he had had a belt like the one Ronan was wearing, but he ate it. N., on the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, warning that the same thing that had happened in Rwanda was unfolding in Darfur.She considered the trip “life-changing,” and she began to read voraciously about Africa, especially the massacre in Rwanda, she says, and quickly became disgusted with Pope John Paul II: “It is a Catholic country, and yet the Pope had done nothing to end [the killings]. —if he had taken over the radio airwaves, he could have said, ‘Lay down your machetes.’ ” She pauses and adds, “He is getting canonized.”What really goaded Mia was a 2004 op-ed by Samantha Power, currently the U. Mia began blogging on her Web site, posting videos, and taking photographs to document the horrors she witnessed.”As the evil al-Bashir stayed in power, Mia came to believe that creating a museum devoted to the people of Darfur could be a significant contribution.She has amassed 38 hours of video on her trips, documenting people in refugee camps and the traditions that are in danger of being lost forever. ’ You express appropriate sorrow, because they are mourning their dead, and eventually you bring up the children: ‘You have treasures inside you couldn’t carry in your minds through all this conflict.Currently a Rhodes scholar, he graduated from Yale Law School at 21 and worked in the State Department from 2009 to 2012, first on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan for two years and then as head of the Office of Global Youth Issues.In a powerful 2007 op-ed published in under their dual byline, Mia and Ronan singled out Steven Spielberg’s role as an artistic adviser of the Beijing games, comparing it to Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl’s role in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

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They crossed rivers on tires covered with planks and traveled to places the U. had declared too dangerous to attempt under its auspices.From Farrow and eight of her kids, including the long-silent Dylan, Maureen Orth gets the full story of life before and after Woody Allen.a sensation when it premiered in 1964 as television’s first prime-time soap opera.That was followed by a front-page story in “The three months following the publication of the Genocide Olympics op-ed saw a 400 percent increase in the number of English-language newspaper headlines linking China with Darfur, compared to the three months prior.” Spielberg eventually resigned.This month mother and son are receiving the annual Richard C. ambassador and diplomat, Holbrooke, who died in 2010, was an early mentor of Ronan’s.) Later this month, Mia will make her third trip to the Central African Republic, which she described to me as “the most abandoned place on earth.” Hamilton accompanied her to Chad in 2008.

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