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Price: Up to 100,000 songs for per year or included with an Apple Music subscription RELATED: You can now store songs in Microsoft One Drive and they’ll be available for listening and streaming in Microsoft’s Groove Music application, too.

This is an okay option if you have a smaller collection or want to ensure your music collection can easily sync to desktop PCs and laptops via One Drive, but it just isn’t as smart.

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The Amazon Music Importer application allows you to import songs from your computer to your Amazon Music account, and they’ll be “matched” to save as much bandwidth as possible.

Google offers the most generous free option by far.

Just download the Google Music Manager application for Windows or Mac, install it, and sign in with your Google account.

If you have your own music collection on your computer, you can put it online and stream it from anywhere — free.

This is ideal if you’ve ripped your own CDs or purchased MP3s and put together a music collection.

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