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But what I don’t enjoy, is how the rest of our society is missing the beauty of this endeavor.It bugs me to see people standing on the airport escalators when they could be sprinting up the adjacent stairs with a suitcase in each hand.If you can cultivate this skill, , at any income level, you can go from a lifetime of being in debt, to being rich enough to retire in less than 10 years.Similarly, a company that can operate with this level of skill will quickly become the most successful company in history, and a similarly efficient government would find the world sitting peacefully in its palm. What is it that has allowed humans, despite our soft and weak bodies, dull noses and eyes, inability to swim or fly, and mostly-hairless skin that is only really comfortable unprotected in the tropics?So the superficial story usually wins: “Well, these days I’m mostly a Dad, and I do some carpentry while he’s in school.” But an even bigger disconnect comes during my travels around town.

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This uncontroversial history lesson could have come straight out of the pages of the Duhh Journal or Obvious Magazine.

“” At Home Depot I sometimes slip up and start discussing my unorthodox plans for the materials I am buying – an underground conduit to run some solar-heated water between the main house and some external collector, or an off-grid charger for an electric car, because nobody makes these things cost-effectively on the real market and they should be doing it.

But that blank stare comes back to remind you that this is not the place to open up such a can of ideas.

This domination has been entirely the fruit of our .

I mean, sure, monkeys will seek out straight sticks and use them as tools to harvest bugs from a nest, but early humans sought out even more specialized sticks, arranged them into better shelters, weapons and animal traps.

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    As I know, euphamisms that have existed in common knowledge for generations don't usually have an easy-to-find source.