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“It’s keeping our league better because we don’t want to be known as a juicing league or having any of those negative statements or stereotypes.“I also don’t think the penalties are too harsh.

It’s something that happens and you can’t even explain it.’’NOTES: The CFL rules committee has proposed a number of changes for the 2018 season.

If you lose your cool to a point where you actually punish her physically, shaking her, smacking her or dumping her in her cot, she will be as amazed and horrified as you would be if the family dog suddenly turned on you and took a chunk out of your leg.

Until the reasons for adult anger become comprehensible, your toddler cannot learn anything useful from punishment.

Under terms of the CFL’s drug policy, first-time offenders like Campbell and Thigpen are subject to a two-game suspension.

A second violation results in a nine-game suspension, a third leads to a one-year suspension and a fourth means a lifetime CFL ban.“(The drug policy) is great for the league because it’s keeping guys honest and keeping players from getting an unfair advantage over guys who aren’t on anything,’’ said Riders running back Jerome Messam.

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