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Ransomed after several years of captivity, he succeeded his father in 436/1044, and reigned for 32 years until 468/1076.

His son c Ali, called Ikb&l al-Daw Ia, was taken prisoner by the Germans at the same time that his father was put to flight and pursued by the Christian coalition which retook the island.

Lo anterior representa un incremento del 24.6 por ciento con respecto a los primeros cuatro meses del 2017 en el que se registraron 114 muertes violentas de mujeres.

“Lamentable, porque antes la mujer no era víctima tan seguido o no estaba tan visibilizado, es una cosa delicada que hay que ponerle mucha atención”, advirtió el subcomisionado Ever Manzano.

Por David Marroquin 25 abril, 2018 Los homicidios de mujeres han tenido un incremento considerable en los cuatro meses de este año con relación al mismo período del año pasado.

Las cifras de la Policía detallan que 142 féminas han sido asesinadas entre el uno de enero y el 23 de abril de este año.

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ISLAM THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ISLAM NEW EDITION PREPARED BY A NUMBER OF LEADING ORIENTALISTS EDITED BY B. However, in the War of the Spanish Succession, Denia, whose harbour was fortified, fought stub- bornly on the side of the Archduke, was besieged three times by Philip V, and taken in 1708. The most famous Arab scholar of Denia is the great commentator on the Kur 5 an, al-Dani [ 355), no colonization of Muslim people there, and no interference by Ottoman officials in internal affairs.

La joven caminaba a diario por el mismo sector, reveló una tía, quien agregó que ella nunca les había mencionado si había sido amenazada por las pandillas.

Dissolute, miserly and a coward, he confined himself to wringing all he could out of his subjects, and his only undertaking consisted of sending a large ship full of food in 446 or 447 (1054-55) to Egypt, where famine was raging; it came back full of money and jewels.

Bom of a Christian mother and brought up in captivity, he became a Muslim, but possessed none of his father’s qualities.

According to Ibn Blbl, Yaghl- basan’s three sons Muzaffar al-DIn Mahmud, Zahlr al-Din Ili and Badr al-DIn Yusuf entered the Saldjukids’ service and helped Ghiyath al-Din Kavkhusraw I to regain his throne; in gratitude the monarch rewarded them by giving them im- portant positions and restoring some of their possessions (cf. Bibliography : Matthew of Edessa, Chronicle, trans. Dulaurier, Paris 1858; Michael the Syrian, Chronicle , trans. Denia began to play a certain part in the rebellions against c Abd al-Rahman I, but this part became considerably greater after the fall of the Caliphate in 403/ 1013, when the c Amirid Abu ’1-Diavsh Mudjahid, [q.v.] a manumitted slave of c Abd al-Rahman b.

But in 573 /1178 the Saldjiikid occupied Melitene, and so came the end of the Danishmendids. On the other hand, we know almost nothing about the period of the migration of the peoples and the Goths.

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